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Ivana Velkova

Municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina recognized for excellence in good governance in Sarajevo

Municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina recognized for excellence in good governance in Sarajevo

In Sarajevo, the “Local Government and Citizens Together for Better Communities” conference on December 8 celebrated the outstanding achievements of municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Excellence in Good Governance Awards. The Municipality of Jablanica, the City of Prijedor, and the Municipality of Žepče received the prestigious European Label for Excellence, showcasing their steadfast commitment to sound democratic governance. Other municipalities were recognized for their efforts with certificates of good local governance.

The conference, a part of the EU-funded project “Strengthening Local Participation and Cooperation through the Partnership of Local Government and Civil Society Organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina – LINK for Cooperation,” brought together over 80 participants. Attendees included representatives from local authorities, civil society organisations, donors, state institutions, non-governmental organisations, and the international community.

The conference focused on the importance of strengthening the capacities of local authorities as crucial contributors to participatory democratic processes. Niall Sheerin, Deputy Head of the Council of Europe’s Centre of Expertise for Good Governance, commended local governments for assessing their performance against the 12 principles of good local governance. He awarded local municipalities with the European Label of Excellence in Governance.

Upon receiving the ELoGE award, the mayor of the Žepče Municipality expressed the significance of achieving a high level of good governance for the local community. It demonstrates the profound dedication of the municipality to applying sound management practices to enhance efficiency, transparency, and accountability. Ultimately, this leads to a stronger local community and an improved quality of life for all citizens.

Dženana Dedić, the Project Coordinator from LDA Mostar, also emphasised the importance of good governance and effective civic participation at the local level. The project aims to boost the capacities of local self-governments and civil society organisations across Bosnia and Herzegovina, encouraging citizens’ involvement in decision-making processes.

In a broader context, the conference showcased 22 projects initiated by Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), contributing to the development of 12 local self-governments and 40 civil society organisations. The ELoGE award ceremony was integrated into the framework of the three-year project “LINK for Cooperation,” dedicated to strengthening local democracy and promoting better local governance. This initiative is led by LDA Mostar in collaboration with LDA ZavidovićiLDA PrijedorCentre for Development of Herzegovina (CRH) in Trebinje, ALDA, and ALDA Skopje, with financing provided by the EU.


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