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Ivana Velkova
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New accreditation for ALDA bringing the ELoGE to Kosovo

New accreditation for ALDA bringing the ELoGE to Kosovo

After the first steps of the programme in Croatia and North Macedonia, ALDA was awarded with the accreditation to implement the European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE) in Kosovo*.

In the next 2 years, ALDA will implement the ELoGE assessment of around 15-20 municipalities in Kosovo* and work with them to be able to understand and apply good democratic practices. They will also facilitate and monitor the process of the implementation of the 12 principles of good democratic governance as outlined by ELoGE and spread awareness among authority figures.

This project will last for a 2-year period, starting the activities in January 2022 and ending-up in November 2023.

From January 2022, ALDA will contribute delivering better local governance for citizens of Kosovo*

Previously, ALDA received the accreditation to be able to implement ELoGE in Croatia and North Macedonia, which was a precursor for the work in Kosovo* and another step in the greater ambition for the Western Balkans. Along with that, recently on September 28th, the Secretary General of ALDA, Antonella Valmorbida, visited Kosovo* in order to create a proposal for the support of local governance, encourage and facilitate capacity building, and grow regional cooperation in the Country and the rest of the Balkans. Important factors are the promotion of good management of EU funds and the promotion of EU programmes.

Strong of this further accreditation, ALDA is excited and committed to supporting local government and EU integration ambitions in Kosovo*.  Through the implementation of the principles of the ELoGE programme, ALDA will contribute to deliver better local governance for citizens.

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