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Ivana Velkova
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ELoGE workshop in North Macedonia

ELoGE workshop in North Macedonia

The implementation of the project “European label for Governance Excellence (ELoGE) in North Macedonia” is on track. On the 28th of March 2022, ALDA gathered the ELoGE coordinators of the partner municipalities for a workshop in Skopje, North Macedonia. 

The workshop started with a short presentation of the ELoGE label and the programme details, before tackling the process of benchmarking and practical exercise.

The ELoGE coordinators had the opportunity to work on the benchmark alongside their colleagues with the support of ALDA and to share best practices and new initiatives that can be replicated in other municipalities. The event was a good occasion for the municipalities to network and to share experience.  

With this workshop successfully organized, the project will pass in the next phase where the municipalities will start completing the benchmark and reach to their citizens to respond to the questionnaires.  

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